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Certified 5-S (Workplace Management) Practitioner

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  • About This Course

    5-S is a very basic and simple system for Workplace Management. The 5-S name is given because this method uses a list of five Japanese words: Seiri-Sorting, Seiton-Set in Order, Seiso- Shine, Seiketsu- Standardization and Shitsuke-Sustain/Self Discipline and all the five letters start with “S”.

    This concept helps to organize the workplace in such a manner so our day to day work becomes smooth, this result in improving efficiency and effectiveness of an individual. 5-S is also one of the key elements of Visual Factory concept. It helps to boost the morale of employees and also it improves the team work culture in the organization. 5-S is the solid base of all other improvement initiatives in the organization.

    Course content

    Module 1 : Overview of 5-S
    • Importance of 5-S
    • Introduction of 5-S
    • Benefits of 5-S
    • Guideline for 5-S Initiation
    • Exercise Round 1
    Module 2 : 1-S Implementation Methodology
    • 1-S Overview
    • 1-S Implementation Methodology
    • Exercise Round 2
    Module 3 : 2-S Implementation Methodology
    • 2-S Overview
    • 2-S Implementation Methodology
    • 2-S Implementation Examples
    • Exercise Round 3
    Module 4 : 3-S Implementation Methodology
    • 3-S Overview
    • 3-S Implementation Methodology
    • Cleaning Check Sheet Preparation Guideline
    • Abnormality Detection and Correction with Examples
    • Mega Cleaning Day Guideline
    Module 5 : 4-S Implementation Methodology
    • 4-S Overview
    • Importance of Standardization
    • Examples of Identification Standards
    • Briefing of Visual Management
    • Examples of Visual Management
    • Exercise Round 4
    Module 6 : 5-S Implementation Methodology
    • 5-S Overview
    • Importance of Sustenance
    • 5-S Auditing
    • Role of Top Management


    Anyone who is interested can go for this course

    Course Staff

    Course Staff Image #1

    Mr. M. R. Shastri

    Principal Consultant, Concept Business Excellence Pvt. Ltd.

    Course Staff

    Course Staff Image #1

    Mr. Sushil Macwan

    Consulting Partner, Concept Business Excellence Pvt. Ltd.

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